Online has actually been an amazing avenue for those who teach and also for those want to learn. But it does not end there; internet is the number one place where social media is getting its popularity. Moreover, video games are all over the web making the easiest way to enjoy and pleasure oneself without even breaking a sweat. More importantly, the availability of internet for the most part in the world makes it easy for almost anyone to access personal details which then translate to the fact that even criminals have now the things needed lay in front of them.  While this can be an advantage to those who have good intentions for seeking such information such as your friends, loved ones, colleagues etc., others might exploit this information and use it at their own advantage. You might belittle this idea but it can be bigger than most of us thing it is. It may not pose for everyone one us but those who are playing video games are the most susceptible to this kind of loopholes and it can cause a lot of problem to the family as a whole.

As much as we are benefited with the advances in technology like having those great video games  and cool software (microsoft points generator) in our personal computers, and so is the cyber criminals making use of ever before cutting-edge methods to from another location gain access to and manage a user's pc to take identifications or commit any kind of cyber scams or launch cyber attacks. As what I have said those who are online gamers are the most susceptible to this because of longer time they spend playing online that those who are just casual web surfers.  At any rate, online security has become a very significant problem that requires a very major solution.

In feedback to the truth of online risks, the National Cyber Protection Alliance has suggested concrete steps in countering activities of online crooks. First on the list is shielding kids online. This means parents will need to personally supervise their kids' online activities. If this is not possible, a software application that limits or limits web use according to adults' requirements will have to be installed.

Next is to make a practice out of backing up files regularly. This is to ensure that if anything occurs to a specific file, an individual can still have access to it after having actually copied it to a backup disk. If copying to an additional location is not possible, file encryption software application might come in handy.

A very standard safety measure such as not opening or replying to an unknown or suspicious e-mail, specifically those that ask for sensitive information such as banking passwords and numbers, likewise goes a long way. These are all means to fight the reality of online crimes. To cut the risks from its source, one can begin to browse anonymously and escape the eye of scheming hackers.


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    August 2013